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Friday, October 16, 2009

New Kiteman Video of our newest kite effects

Hi friends,
This is a new video I edited yesterday. It's short and sweet. The clips are from a show we performed last June in Turkmenistan showing off our new onboard Super LED lighting and fireworks. Both controlled by our new radio control system. We are excited about these new effects because they extend our performance time and allow us to do "stand alone" night performances without follow spots. These LED's are blue (same lights used by your dentists to cure glue in your mouth) and are very bright. We have to wear special glasses to work with them. In the near future we will be installing tri-color LED's that will allow us to change the color of our kites to any color in the spectrum. Each kite can be a different color and can change colors in flight. Our new pyro (fireworks) supplier makes special light weight pyro for us that as you can see is awesome and lighter than anything we have used before. Less weight is good because it means we can have more and longer effects.
Thanks for watching and hope you can see one of these shows someday.

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