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Thursday, October 28, 2010

U.S. ‘Kiteman’ Entertains at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival Family Day Events


For immediate release: October 28, 2010

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U.S. ‘Kiteman’ Entertains at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival Family Day Events

Orlando, Florida – World class kite show producer, Bruce Flora (AKA “Kiteman”) will be bring his kite festival extravaganza to Qatar as part of the Doha Tribeca Film Festival Family Day 2010 events, on October 29.

“I am continually amazed by how something as simple as the WIND uplifts and inspires the human spirit and has been doing so for several thousand years.” explains Flora, who is looking forward to exploring Qatar and its unique attributes. “It is events like the Doha Tribeca Film Festival that give families an opportunity to have an adventure together and learn something new as well. This is very important.” His show fascinates children and adults alike as it highlights the power of natural resources, particularly the WIND! It will be an honor to have the privilege of flying our kites in the winds of Qatar!

Flora’s program for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival Family Day will include street kite performers that fly kites with or without wind (indoors or out), as well as giant historical and character kites. One of the big highlights of his program will be a kite-water show!

A local marine company, Speed Marine Est., BRP Distributor in the State of Qatar, heard of the production through Scott Carskadon, Business Development Manager at Royal Oyster Group, LLC, a oil and gas, and transport company serving the Gulf region, and generously donated four, high powered, Sea Doo 3-Person Jet Skis. These are provided in multiple colors to facilitate Flora’s unique presentation- the world's only kite-water show where very large, two-line kites fly with technical precision. The kites are outfitted with super LED lighting for exciting nighttime enjoyment, and sometimes include radio-controlled fireworks. The kite show will take place on the 29th October from noon to 10 PM along the beach.

Speed Marine, the region’s leading innovator in marine and off-road automotive products, recognized the importance of the presentation because it will draw attention to Qatar’s unique sea power. Speed Marine has been actively involved with the sport of personal watercraft ATVs for many years and sponsors internationally recognized events such as the Power Boat Race, Formula-1 Race, as well as regular Water Skiing and Jet Skiing Competitions.

Another special aspect of Flora’s program is an elaborate and striking "Kite Garden” that features an exotic part of his private collection of over 3000 kites from around the world. His “garden” will consist of hand-painted kites from Bali (butterflies with 15' wingspans) and trademark feather-like banners that, through their size and elegant flow, create a fun, festival atmosphere.

Flora has had a lifetime fascination with kites that has led him to many firsts in the world of kites. From first of a kind launch systems, high performance kite designs, to being an early pioneer of spectacular nighttime kite shows, Kiteman Productions has been on the forefront of leading edge technologies. His kites are now equipped with onboard radio control systems that power super LEDs, electro-luminescent fibers, spotlights, high power strobes and fireworks.

His advances have made it possible to stage a dynamic show in virtually any type of venue. His team has produced shows in such diverse locations as the Montreal Olympic Stadium, on frozen lakes and canals in the Caspian Sea for the president of Turkmenistan, in an ocean harbor in Curacao for MasterCard International, and on football fields. In the fall of 1995, KITEMAN PRODUCTIONS co-produced the Epcot World Festival of Kites, the largest kiting event in the world.

Flora and his troupe of specialized technicians produce innovative kite shows and aerial productions for a variety of arenas, festivals and shows (over 1300 to date), internationally. He has also been involved in kite, water and fireworks productions for Disney Theme Parks and Disney Cruise Lines for over 20 years. Updates and videos of his innovative work are posted at his blog at www.kitemanproductions.blogspot.com.


Friday, December 11, 2009

First Electric All Terrain Vehicle Kite Show Tests

As you may know we are now working on productions related to wind farm, wind energy companies and wind turbine manufacturers. To keep up with our tradition of "guaranteeing a show" with or without wind, on water or land, indoors or outdoors, daytime or nighttime.....I have gone back to our roots when we started towing kites with vehicles. Back in the late 80's Pete Foy and I first put a seat on the back of an ATV (all terrain vehicle) and started towing our kites when there was no wind. This eventually led to our first professional show inside the Olympic Stadium in Montreal for a Expos Baseball game which led to moving to Orlando to work for Disney managing the Epcot Kite Department for the yet to be outdone Surprise In The Skies lagoon spectacular in 1991. That show lasted only one year but almost 20 years later I am still here and still flying kites.

In my quest to produce shows at wind farm facilities I realized that we would most likely not have a body of water to perform our most known method of towing - using watercraft. We started using watercraft because or major clients (Walt Disney, Universal Studios, Sea World, Hard Rock Park, etc) had only lagoons where the space to fly kites existed inside a theme park - thus - watercraft.

So, it's back to our roots with the four wheel ATV only now we have just tested the land tow vehicle of the future for towing kites on land - the Electric All Terrain Vehicle (EATV). I found this great company in New York that was excited enough about what we do to loan us one of their prototype vehicles to do our testing with. Thanks to Matt Christopher and Electric Vehicle Systems, Inc. of Ellicottville, NY we now have a quiet "green" vehicle to fly our kites when there is no wind. This model is called the E-Force and its powerful 72 Volt electric motor supplies "instant" power. We were amazed at the instant speed and torque this vehicle produces. We had no problem approaching 30 mph with a driver and a pilot while towing a very powerful train of our diamond show kites. (DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME ! OUR PILOTS AND DRIVERS HAVE HUNDREDS OF HOURS OF EXPERIENCE AND THIS VEHICLE IS NOT OFFICIALLY RECOMMENDED FOR TWO PERSONS).

So, these are some photos of our first field tests and you will see a video posted very soon. The seat arrangement build by Bob Bono who is flying the diamond train kites, is a prototype for testing only. The great kite designer dean jordan of Jordan Air Kites is driving Brant Shiveley who pilots our 17' wingspan show delta (designed by kite designer Bob Bono). If you have any questions please give us a call.

I would also like to thank Malcolm Jones owner of the best hang gliding port I know of, the Wallaby Ranch for always letting us fly on his wonderful runways.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Feather Banners at Waldorf Astoria

We introduced the original commercial Feather Banners TM in 1993 at Walt Disney World. Thousands of Feather Banners later we are still installing banners in our
rental program around Central Florida and the East Coast. Our larger rentals include the Tribeca Film Festival (for 7 years) and the Marine Corps Marathon (for 6 years).
Recently Waldorf Astoria opened it's new hotel on Disney property and this event location was so stunning I thought everyone would enjoy seeing a few photos.

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Kiteman Video of our newest kite effects

Hi friends,
This is a new video I edited yesterday. It's short and sweet. The clips are from a show we performed last June in Turkmenistan showing off our new onboard Super LED lighting and fireworks. Both controlled by our new radio control system. We are excited about these new effects because they extend our performance time and allow us to do "stand alone" night performances without follow spots. These LED's are blue (same lights used by your dentists to cure glue in your mouth) and are very bright. We have to wear special glasses to work with them. In the near future we will be installing tri-color LED's that will allow us to change the color of our kites to any color in the spectrum. Each kite can be a different color and can change colors in flight. Our new pyro (fireworks) supplier makes special light weight pyro for us that as you can see is awesome and lighter than anything we have used before. Less weight is good because it means we can have more and longer effects.
Thanks for watching and hope you can see one of these shows someday.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Let's Get Started

Our new in progress video is fun and will help bring you up to date on some of what we have been doing for the past few years.

Here you go:

The great Kurtis Jones put this one together for us. I hope you enjoy and come back and visit soon. I am learning how to post more video so please stand by.

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